Our Services

At l'Académie Créme de la Créme, we find out what our students already know and help them build up their skills from their learning level and experience. We are proud to adapt our teaching style and build a learning plan to meet the needs of our students, not the other way around. This approach aims to provide our students with a

rich learning experience that supports academics and helps them to become autonomous and confident.


Our literature clubs are limited to 6 students. Each group offers a unique literature journey where students are involved in their learning. Our teachers create a safe environment and guide learning so each student has the time and opportunity to share their knowledge, express their opinions, and welcome new ideas. 

Our homework help sessions offer one-on-one guidance that is structured around the learning level and learning flow of the student. Our teachers work side-by-side with you and your child and guide them to make connections about new concepts learned in school and guide them to overcome any academic challenges. 

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the crème de la crème!