Summer Online Book Club

Today a Reader 

Tomorrow a Leader 

Reading supports your child's cognitive and social development, and helps them become autonomous and confident. 

Our online book club promotes these skills and more by keeping children motivated to read and offering them the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe space. Through this supportive online environment, children will be ready to tackle

new experiences when it is time to read in order to learn. 

What We Offer

Our Book Clubs are literature circles offered in English and French to reading levels from Grades 1 through 6 and

High School (Grades 7 and up). Literature circles invite readers to come together and encourage thoughtful discussion, and a love for reading. Facilitated and guided by the teachers, readers are given roles that support the structure of the book club. Along with supporting reading and comprehension skills, these literature circles also support independence and responsibility. 


Literature Circles are arranged by grade. There is an overlap in each group in order to reach the different reading levels in each grade. 

Group A - Grades 1 through 3

Group B - Grades 3 through 5

Group C - Grades 4 through 6

Group D - High School

When:   Starting the week of June 22 through August 21

Where:  Online through scheduled Zoom meetings.

What's Included? 

Each book club offers 2 high-quality novels, which are chosen based on the groups common interests. Each novel will be purchased and mailed to your child on your behalf.  Your child will also receive a literacy package with the tools they need to participate in the literature circle. 

Cost: $150*  


Let books be your child's passport this summer for them to come and travel with us

 through the world of imagination! 


*Includes taxes. The online summer book club is tax deductible! 

50% off select book clubs