High School Readiness Program
for Grade 6 Students (Quebec)

Understanding how certain academic concepts work help students obtain a deeper understanding of them. 

When their understanding goes beyond getting the right answer, the can explain why and how they think their answer is correct. This invites discussion, which leads to thinking, and welcomes new learning - not only

from their teacher, but from their peers as well.

In high school, the concepts introduced in elementary school become more abstract and require flexible thinking and accepting new interpretations. By discussing the reasoning behind their thinking, students can experience a shift in how they approach and think about a new idea. This type of engagement can help them overcome what they originally thought was challenging, and prepare them to move on to the next level of learning.


What We Offer 

 l'Académie Créme de la Créme is excited to offer a high school readiness program. We focus on helping Grade 6 students to strengthen their foundation of learning in order for them to be prepared for new concepts introduced in high school.

When: Starting the week of July 5 through the week of August 9

Where: Online through scheduled weekly Zoom meetings

Cost: $665 for 6 weeks, includes QST & GST, materials, and shipping

What's Included? 

This 6 week program includes 12 hours of Math and English. 

For 2 hours per week, we review the Math and English Grade 6 Quebec Curriculum  along with

introducing new concepts presented in High School (Grade 7) . 

Boot Camp Materials: personalized binder, stationary set, and lap desk to promote a

comfortable learning environment

Math Boot Camp Concepts Include: 

- equivalence

- math language

- equivalence, intergers, pre-algebraic thinking, number sense 

- practicing application and situational problems


English Boot Camp Concepts Include: 

- Grammar

- Critical Analysis and Thinking 

- Research for essay with writing and editing 

- 1 novel study

- Introduction to Poetry 

Let's work together to strengthen your child's

educational foundation, so they can continue to build on it!