A Book Lover's Enrichment Program





BiblioMania is the perfect program for our young avid readers.​


This 9 week program is an extension of our book club and includes

cross-curriculum learning with novels. 


What We Offer

 BiblioMania includes a spot in one of our summer book clubs in either English or French where 

the reader will participate and socialize within a literature circle with their peers. 

The Online Summer Book Club includes 2 novels a literacy package

Teachers guide the process of the literature by following the lead of the readers 

interests, roles and responsibilities. 

The book club meets once a week online for 1 hour


 Enrichment for the reader is included by meeting with the teacher online for 

one-on-one cross curricular learning

The meeting times are arranged by availability for 1 hour 2 times a week


 3 novels are included for enrichment, and a personalized

learning program is created at the reader’s learning level.

The program supports learning through the themes presented in each novel.

The reader will participate in project based activities that provide extended learning of

different subjects across the curriculum.

These activities are created to boost confidence, spark curiosity and promote autonomy. 

When: Starting the week of June 22 through August 14 

Where: Online through scheduled Zoom meetings 

What's included in the BiblioMania Program?

2 Novels and a Literacy Package 

3 Novels and a Personalized Enrichment Package

18 hours of personalized, enriched learning that helps minimize screen time

Cross-Curriculum learning supported through your child's love of reading

Cost: $390*




*Includes Taxes. BiblioMania is tax deductible 

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